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Sativa / Indica: 70 / 30
THC/CBD: 20-25% THC
Flowering time: 10-12 weeks
Size: S
Sowing (for outdoor cultivation): April-July

Lineage: Sour Diesel x Sour Diesel Auto
PGZ-certified (plant health certificate), guaranteed virus-free

Discover Sour Diesel Auto, the autoflowering version of a legendary strain that dominates the cannabis market from the east to the west coast. With a 70/30 sativa/indica ratio and a THC content between 20-25%, Sour Diesel Auto offers an energetic and clear effect. The result is a high that boosts your creativity before gently bringing you into a state of meditative focus.

Growth dynamics & flowering time: Sour Diesel Auto is the dream of every grower who values efficiency and quality. Ready to harvest in just 10-12 weeks, it is easy to care for and flexible to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. The plant reaches a moderate size, making it ideal for growers who want to harvest quickly and without taking up a lot of space.

Genetic Background: The combination of Sour Diesel and Sour Diesel Auto gives this strain its characteristic aromas - a mix of citrus, sandalwood, pine and an unmistakable hint of diesel. These aromas provide an unparalleled smoking experience that sets Sour Diesel Auto apart from other strains.

Visual characteristics & yield: Sour Diesel Auto stretches to a height of 1.2m and produces sativa-typical, stacked buds. The plant can deliver yields of up to 450-550g/m² (when grown indoors). Its bright green buds are richly covered in trichomes, giving it a shiny appearance.

Taste & Effects: Sour Diesel Auto is known for her sour-spicy, chemical-petrol terpene profile, making her a distinctive choice. The effects are a clear testament to her sativa heritage, bringing with them a surge of creative energy, perfect for social gatherings, gaming nights, or creative work.

Sour Diesel - Cali Seeds

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