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Your premium supplier of cannabis seeds made in the USA. Discover exclusive and unique US genetics, developed from years of research and comprehensive industry knowledge. Our passion for this special plant is always at the center of everything we do.

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Here you will find frequently asked questions as well as basic cultivation information.
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  • How do I start the germination of my cannabis seeds?
    Start by placing the seeds in a glass of lukewarm water for 24-48 hours. Once they swell, carefully transplant them into moist potting soil or use a germination cloth. Keep the medium consistently moist, but not wet, and place the seeds in a warm, dark place until the first sprouts appear.
  • How often should I water my cannabis plants?
    The frequency of watering depends on several factors, including the size of the plant, the stage of growth, the size of the pot and the environmental conditions. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the top layer of soil is dry before watering again. Overwatering should be avoided as it can cause root rot.
  • What nutrients do my cannabis plants need?
    Cannabis requires a variety of nutrients, with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) being the main components. During the growth stage, higher nitrogen levels are important, while during the flowering stage, more phosphorus and potassium are needed. Micronutrients such as magnesium, calcium and iron are also essential.
  • How do I know that my plants are ready for harvest?
    Readiness for harvest can be judged by the trichomes, the small resin glands on the flowers. When most of the trichomes are milky white and some are starting to turn amber, it's time to harvest. The discoloration of the pistils from white to brown is also an indication.
  • Is indoor or outdoor growing better for beginners?
    Both growing methods have advantages and disadvantages. Indoor growing offers more control over the environment and can be done year-round, but requires an initial investment in equipment. Outdoor growing is less expensive and uses natural sunlight, but is weather dependent and seasonal. For beginners, indoor growing can be easier to manage as it offers more control and flexibility.
  • Is there an age restriction for purchasing the products?
    HolyHemp seeds are only available to people aged 18 and over.
  • Are cannabis seeds allowed and legal in Germany?
    With the entry into force of the new Cannabis Act on April 1, 2024, cannabis seeds will be legally available in Germany
  • How many plants can you grow?
    In Germany, the cultivation of up to nine plants is permitted, although a maximum of three plants may be in the flowering phase at the same time. The plants can be grown in the apartment, on the balcony or in your own garden, but the plants must be protected from prying eyes.
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    Yes. To add media, follow these steps. 1. Manage FAQs in your website admin or editor. 2. Create new FAQs or edit existing ones. 3. In the reply text box, click the video, image or GIF icon. 4. Add media from your library and save.
  • How do I remove the title “Frequently Asked Questions”?
    You can edit the title in the FAQ Settings tab in the editor. To remove the title in your app, open the Website & App tab in your Owner app and adjust it.
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All products offered by us have been previously tested in the laboratory for their purity . We can   We can therefore guarantee that these are of the highest quality. In order to be transparent, we will provide you with all laboratory reports for our cannabidiol products upon request .

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About Us
We offer high-quality cannabis seeds for beginners and advanced growers. Perfect for taking your passion for cannabis cultivation to the next level!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the shop? Contact us here:

Holy Seeds by Holy Hemp

The Holy Hemp


Welcome to Holy Hemp! Here you will find an exclusive selection of high-quality feminized cannabis seeds, specifically designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional cannabis growers. Whether you are interested in autoflowering strains or photoperiod seeds, Holy Hemp has the perfect solution for every grow.

Holy Hemp:

Quality that convinces

At Holy Hemp, we focus on quality and innovation. Our cannabis seeds are carefully selected and grown under strict conditions to ensure that each seed grows into a strong, high-yielding plant.

Our product range: diversity that inspires

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Our autoflowering strains are the ideal choice for growers,

who are looking for a quick and easy growing option. These autoflowering seeds are perfect for beginners and will produce high-quality results in no time.

Photoperiod seeds: For the more experienced grower we offer a selection of

photoperiod seeds, including fast-flowering and full-season varieties.

These allow you to control the flowering cycle of your plants and thus maximize yield.

Holy Hemp: Not just seeds, but a philosophy

At Holy Hemp, we believe that high-quality cannabis cultivation should be accessible to everyone. That's why we not only offer premium seeds, but also comprehensive advice and support to ensure your growing venture is successful. Our team of experts are always on hand to answer questions and guide you through the growing process.

About Us

We offer high-quality cannabis seeds for beginners and advanced growers. Perfect for taking your passion for cannabis cultivation to the next level!


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