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The old Indian tribes of North America have a long tradition of growing tobacco. The basic variety used was farmer's tobacco. Although this is not native to North America, it was widely cultivated in Mexico and thus found its way to North America. It is a very robust type of tobacco that still produces good yields even in cooler regions.
Because farmer's tobacco has the highest nicotine content (up to 8%), it tastes very strong and is a bit 'scratchy'. It is therefore often blended with other milder and more aromatic types of tobacco or with aromatic herbs. Such blends are called 'Kinnikinnick'.

This seed set consists of 4 different, ancient tobacco varieties from the indigenous peoples of North America:

  • Forest tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)
    Forest or mountain tobacco originally comes from the moist, humus-rich mountain forests of the eastern Andes and is considered the ancestor of most cultivated tobacco varieties in use today.
  • Tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca)
    Tree tobacco grows as a shrub or tree with leathery, blue-frosted leaves and small yellow trumpet flowers. It does not contain nicotine, but does contain alkaloids with a similar effect.
  • Farmer's tobacco (Nicotiana rustica)
    This old Indian tobacco variety was also grown in the cooler regions of Europe. The plants are extremely hardy and the nicotine content is very high. Fermented farmer's tobacco develops a characteristic violet aroma.
  • Yauhtli, spice marigold, marigold (Tagetes lucida)
    Lots of small, beautiful, golden-yellow flowers that taste like woodruff. The dried flowers are a component of Indian smoke mixtures.

One seed packet per plant variety.

Sowing instructions: Pre-cultivation from February. Just scatter seeds on the substrate and press down lightly, do not cover with soil. Germinates at around 20°C. Harden off and plant out in May. Planting distance 40 cm in the row and 40-60 cm between the rows. Regular hoeing, hilling and above all a good water supply allow the tobacco plants to thrive wonderfully.

Ritual Smoking Tobacco - Seed Set

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