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Full Season (photoperiodic)

Sativa / Indica: 50 / 50
THC/CBD: 15-20% THC
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Size: L-XL
Sowing (for outdoor cultivation): April-June

Lineage: Horchata x Granddaddy OG
PGZ-certified (plant health certificate), guaranteed virus-free

Purple Milkshake is a balanced hybrid strain with a 50/50 mix of sativa and indica, created by crossing Horchata and Granddaddy OG. With a THC level between 15-20% and its lineage, Purple Milkshake brings the right balance of relaxation and an invigorating kick, perfect for novice growers and experienced gardeners alike.

Growth & appearance: Purple Milkshake adapts easily to indoor and outdoor conditions and can grow to an impressive size. The plant impresses with strong side branches and produces magnificent flowers that give each bud an incomparable look with their dark green hue and pink highlights.

Genetics & Flavors: The interplay of the relaxing, earthy and floral notes of Horchata with the euphoric, spicy grape flavors of Granddaddy OG creates a unique taste experience that invites you to relax while stimulating the mind.

The visual splendor: With its vibrant colors and glittering layer of trichomes, Purple Milkshake is a real eye-catcher that reflects the quality and strong genetics of the strain.

Effects: Purple Milkshake promises a balanced effect, ideal for relaxed evenings or stimulating conversations, thanks to the perfect effect of serenity and mental clarity.

Growing Tips: Easy to grow and impressive in appearance, Purple Milkshake is the top choice for anyone who wants to show off their growing skills while enjoying a strain with character and style.

Purple Milkshake - Cali Seeds

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