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Full Season (photoperiodic)

Sativa / Indica: 50 / 50
THC / CBD: 18% THC / 18% CBD
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Size: S
Sowing (for outdoor cultivation): April-June

Lineage: Bubba CBD, Purple Punch
PGZ-certified (plant health certificate), guaranteed virus-free

Orange Glaze will blow you away with its perfect sativa-indica mix and balanced CBD and THC levels of 18% each. This photoperiod bomb comes directly from crossing Bubba CBD and Purple Punch, giving it a strong genetic foundation. Orange Glaze is the top choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of THC and CBD both medicinally and just for fun.

Growth & Cultivation: Easy Going

Orange Glaze easily grows into a medium-sized plant with strong side shoots that produces thick, solid flowers like an assembly line. The bushy, round growth is full of these treasures, thanks to the not too long internodes and the super stacking. Whether you plant it outdoors from April to June or get the most out of it indoors - Orange Glaze makes it possible.

Vibes & Medical Bonus

As a 1:1 hybrid mix, Orange Glaze promises relaxed vibes that are perfect for dispelling anxiety and serving as a medicinal all-rounder. The balance is tuned to relax your body without your head switching off too much. Thanks to the same level of THC and CBD, Orange Glaze is the ultimate choice for anyone who swears by the power combo of cannabinoids.

Looks & Flavors

But wait, there's more! Orange Glaze not only looks stunning with its plump flowers decorating the bushy growth, it also tastes incredibly good. The mixture of sweet and citrus notes with a touch of earthy aromas makes every tasting an experience.

Orange Glaze - Cali Seeds

19,90 €Price
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