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Sativa / Indica: 80 / 20
THC/CBD: 20-25% THC
Sowing to harvest: 13 weeks
Size: S
Sowing (for outdoor cultivation): April-July

Lineage: Mango Haze (Mr. Nice Seeds) x Toof Decay F5 x Vanilla Gelato
PGZ-certified (plant health certificate), guaranteed virus-free

Mango Smile sets off fireworks in the world of sativa hybrids. With a strong sativa/indica ratio of 80/20 and a THC level that ranges between 20-25%, she is the absolute game changer for anyone looking for a kick of energy and good vibes. Born from the cross of Mango Haze (Mr. Nice Seeds), Toof Decay F5 and Vanilla Gelato, this variety rocks the stage with a grow time of a crisp 90 days and promises harvests that will get you high and happy.

Grow time and harvest deal

Mango Smile is ready to go from seed to harvest in just 13 weeks - a little more patience than with other autoflowers, but worth every day. Despite its tendency to grow larger, its autoflowering DNA means it is easy to handle, perfect for space-saving indoor growing or as an eye-catcher in the garden or balcony. Peak time for sowing outdoors: April to July to allow Mango Smile to fully bloom.

Buds and Bounty

Mango Smile starts showing her first stigmas early, but doesn't really get going until others are close to harvest. The slow start results in a spectacle of large, resin-coated buds that make any waiting time seem trivial.

Vibes and Flavors

The sativa fireworks of Mango Smile deliver uplifting energy and creativity boosts that take your day to the next level. In terms of taste, it impresses with a tropical mango explosion, sweet aromas of Toof Decay F5 and a hint of creamy vanilla from Vanilla Gelato.

Mango Smile is not just any autoflower – it is a tropical dream in green that invigorates your senses and takes you to distant worlds with every hit.

Mango Smile - Cali Seeds

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