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Very little is known about the Druids because they only passed on their magical knowledge orally and mostly lived secluded lives in the forest. They spent a lot of time with nature and were extremely knowledgeable about herbs. They also knew the stars, carried their tribe's medicine and mixed magic potions. Tradition has it that four plants were particularly sacred to the Druids. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to harvest seeds from one of these plants, mistletoe, and preserve them over the long term. It also only grows in the wild. This was why it was replaced with mugwort, which was one of the most important shamanic herbs in Europe and was certainly also used by the Druids. You will find mistletoe as a semi-parasitic plant hanging on oak, willow or poplar trees. Because of its evergreen leaves, the Celts considered it a symbol of eternal life, among other things.
This seed set consists of organic seeds for 4 magical plants that were sacred to the Celtic Druids:

  • Verbena (organic) (Verbena officinalis)
    Also called wishing herb or fairy herb. It was sprinkled on the altar or a broom was made from it to sweep the altar.
  • Watercress (organic) (Nasturtium officinale)
    Watercress ensures that the magical power of water is preserved.
  • Meadowsweet (organic) (Filipendula ulmaria)
    A plant that smells like honey, the ingredients of which are the basis for today's aspirin and help with colds. It was once used to flavor mead.
  • Mugwort (organic) (Artemisia vulgaris)
    Burning mugwort as an incense drives away negative thoughts and helps us to let go.

One seed packet per plant variety.

You will receive lovingly produced seeds from certified European organic farms. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds GmbH is also certified and regularly checked by the inspection body: DE-ÖKO-037.

Sacred Druid Plants (Organic) - Seed Set

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