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Fast Flowering (photoperiodic)

Sativa / Indica: 40 / 60
THC/CBD: 20-25% THC
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
Size: ML
Sowing (for outdoor cultivation): April-July

Pedigree: Forbidden Runtz x Marathon OG F4
PGZ-certified (plant health certificate), guaranteed virus-free

With THC levels between 20-25% and a mix of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica, Forbidden Runtz not only delivers high potency but also a great smoking experience. Due to its fast-flowering properties, this strain has a short flowering time of just 7-8 weeks. The buds? Really impressive with their dark green color, highlighted by pink accents, giving each flowering cluster a hypnotic look.

Grow it Big

Forbidden Runtz grows to an impressive size and presents itself strongly with powerful side branches. This base is perfect for the growth of huge buds that come quickly and reward you with a generous harvest. Optimal seeding time for outdoor growers: April to July.

Easy Grow, Easy Go

This lady is a real survivor and can thrive in almost any system (both outdoor and indoor), with a particular preference for lots of light. Given the compact flowers, it is advisable to support the branches in the final stages of flowering to prevent breakage. Her ease of handling makes Forbidden Runtz particularly attractive to novice growers, but experienced growers will also appreciate the quality and uncomplicated care.

Taste & Vibes

Forbidden Runtz is not only fast and strong in growth, but also a champion in taste. The indica-dominant hybrid brings a strong indica feeling with a sativa spin thanks to its carefully selected terpene profile. Ideal for daytime chill or evening relaxation sessions. With heavier consumption, the cerebral high comes to the fore and you feel euphoric. With moderate use, however, you experience a pleasant physical high that ensures inner peace. The genetic mix of Forbidden Runtz and Marathon OG F4 promises an unforgettable smoking experience with pure deep relaxation.

Forbidden Runtz - Cali Seeds

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