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The name 'Ayurveda' refers to the traditional Indian healing art that is around 5000 years old and is still practiced today in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It is based on the use of certain plants with healing properties, but also extends to the preparation of food. An important pillar of this medicine is the study of medicinal herbs. Ayurveda is also becoming increasingly well-known in Europe.

This seed set contains 3 medicinal plants from Indian Ayurvedic medicine that also thrive very well in Central Europe:

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
    One of the most important medicinal plants in Ayurvedic medicine. Extracts from the root are considered a rejuvenating tonic and aphrodisiac, but also a mild sleep-inducing agent.
  • Holy Basil, Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum / tenuiflorum)
    A medicinal tea is made from the leaves, which is particularly used for all weaknesses in the digestive tract, to protect the immune system, against stress, for internal heat treatment and to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Sweet flag (Acorus calamus)
    The marsh plant is a very old, well-known medicinal plant. It is used in Indian Ayurveda as well as by various Native American tribes in North America.

One seed packet per plant variety.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs - Seed Set

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